"I Love You, Mom – Please Don't Break My Heart" Docu-Drama on DVD

Winner of 6 Prestigious Awards

I LOVE YOU Mom, Please Don't Break My Heart – As a child, John Borgstedt was tortured by his parents, locked in a shed, paralyzed by drugs and abused by institutions for years. Although authorities knew, no one came to his rescue.  This is John's triumphant story of emerging out of darkness, learning to forgive, and finding the courage to rescue others that have been forgotten.

Based upon the autobiography "I Love You Mom, Please Don't Break My Heart." 

"I Love You Mom, Please Don't Break My Heart"
Autobiography by John Borgstedt

I LOVE YOU, MOM – Please don’t break my heart is the true story of one boy’s journey through a childhood of physical, mental, and emotional abuse. John endured neglect, isolation, physical beatings, mental degradation and malevolent admissions into numerous mental institutions, and eventual attempted murder within the custodial supervision of his unscrupulous mother.  This literary work is indeed John’s factual account of his small, bruised body clinging to life, his struggle as a teenager fighting and winning against insurmountable odds, and his entrance into young manhood as a warrior for the young and innocent, protecting them from experiencing a similar childhood of hell on earth.

Excerpt: “Seconds later, she opened the door and jerked me out of the car, threw me onto the ground like a piece of trash, and pulled something from her pocket. Even though I knew something terrible was happening, I did not move a muscle. She would really get angry if I moved! Without saying one word, she slid a plastic bag over my head, covering my face. For a split second, my mind went numb. I gasped for breath as her arm pressed tighter and tighter against the plastic bag covering my nose and mouth. Suddenly the probability of death overpowered all fear of a beating. For the first time in my life, panic replaced all dread of violence and pain. Gasping and choking, my fingers clawed at the bag. My mom grabbed at my hands as she struggled to keep the plastic over my nose and mouth. My weak, undernourished body was no match against my tall, powerful, and very determined mother. Fighting for breath within the tomb of plastic, I felt her grip tighten even more against my face.”

John Borgstedt is an author and child advocate that is devoting his iife to protecting and rescuing children from enduring a childhood of hell on earth like he did. His dream is to have a boys home where children can receive the love and guidance they need.

What others are saying:

Maureen said:   
The students at Lakeside Academy cannot stop talking about you. Your words are honest and your actions are inspiring to all who have had a speed bump or many detours throughout life. Thank you for touching our lives and our prayers are with you and your mission always.

Cindy Reynolds said:   
Just want to let you know that I appreciate you taking the time to let our kids know where you have been, to see the footprints of where you stand now, and to experience firsthand the things that you're doing each day to help them believe in a brighter future. Thank you! Looking forward to reading your book and sharing with my family :)

Carla Milliorn said:   
I saw you this morning at Grand Saline High School. I am a teacher and I have never seen those kids so attentive to anyone before. It was very inspirational and I Know the kids immediately felt at ease with you. Keep up the good work. 

Marvin Mayer said:   
Kay Sellers met you in Edom, TX and bought your book. She brought it to our club's Nutz & Boltz meeting this evening, and told us a bit about you. I hope to meet you soon and will buy your book in the next day or 2. As a volunteer at the Childrens Advocacy Center of Smith County, I look forward to sharing the story with the professionals of that fine organization. Hearing of your other successes, I can only say they couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.