• Peer Conflict 
  • Teen Dating Violence 
  • Hazing 
  • Gang Violence 
  • Harassment 
  • Stalking 
  • Workplace Bullying 
  • Who gets picked on
  • Early Childhood 
  • Young Adults 
  • What is bullying?
  • What makes a bully
  • What you should know about bullies
  • What if you're the bully
  • Being Bullied 
  • How it feels to be bullied



  • Child abuse & Neglect 
  • Preventing Child abuse & Neglect 
  • Responding to child abuse & Neglect 
  • Supporting & Preserving Families


  • Abandoned Children 
  • Abused of Children 
  • Abused of Medication 
  • Children of the Mentally Ill
  • Children with Mentally Ill parents 
  • Child Maltreatment

John will cover many more topics that are not listed here. We are happy to discuss any specific needs you may have. 


Reviews about John Borgstedt

“John spoke at our Children’s Justice Conference and he knocked it out of the park. He was able to motivate and inspire our attendees to keep doing the work that they do with abused and neglected children. I highly recommend him.” 
- Sara Kelly, Court Improvement Program Coordinator, Supreme Court of South Dakota

“New Start for Children and Families, Inc. definitely recommends John Borgstedt as a speaker to anyone’s event. They will not be disappointed in his dedication and passion about helping abused and neglected children. He has played a major role in us getting closer to building our Children’s Home.”
- Laura Caldwell, Founder/CEO Fort Smith, Arkansas 

“The palpable vulnerability that John Borgstedt brings to the room grips the heartstrings and makes you realize that there’s a big job to be done to save our children and that change starts with me.”
- Taylor Downs, Minister & Youth Educator, Kalamazoo, Michigan

“The student interaction surpassed any speaker that has visited our campus. The ‘I Love You Mom’ Docudrama touched their hearts and offered many students the assurance that they are not alone. I would recommend John as a speaker for any event or organization.” 
- Kay Lott, Grand Saline Independent School District, Grand Saline, Texas 

“John Borgstedt has worked tirelessly in our community bringing awareness of child neglect and abuse to the forefront. Adults must accept that child abuse does exist and Mr. Borgstedt is a determined adult survivor sharing his life to educate adults.”
- Geane Mullins, Executive Director, Child’s Advocacy Center of Van Zandt County, Inc., Canton, Texas

If you’re looking to make a lasting impact and boost your future momentum, let John Borgstedt make the DIFFERENCE at your next event.

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