"At first glance their faces are blank ..."

by John Borgstedt

I want to make a difference in not only the lives of children but adults . One person's story is someone else's healing .

Many kids in the system have supportive families that want them back home. They work the system and know that a day is coming when they will leave and go home. And then there's kids that don't have family to visit and they may never get out until they age out of the system. I know what that feels like.

At first glance their faces are blank.  It looks as if there is nothing inside but as you begin to talk with them their minds are going 90 to nothing.  Things are going very slow around them but they're processing fast. They're looking at everyone around them and thinking ahead of what may or may not happen. They are scared and unsure of every thing. I can tell you that they need love, stability, time, patience and someone who cares.

Never feel that what you do is lost or in vain. It may not be today or tomorrow. The care and attention you give them will always be cherished and remembered. It may be a factor in who they become tomorrow because of what you have done, what you have said or installed in them. I know there are days where you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel. Working with wounded children is  very difficult and challenging.   It’s not uncommon for the children in an attempt  to self sabotage their situation. They will try their hardest to rebel. They want to see if the people who put the most into them will give up on them. They want to prove how much you really care about them and how much you take before you quit. In their minds if you quit they were right all along.  But if you don't it gets better. But as soon as they feel insecure it will resurface.   You may think it never ends but one thing I can tell you is it’s not easy to try and change or help a child who has been severely abused physically, mentally or sexually.  They are going through so many changes in their lives and not knowing who to trust or if what you are telling them is true or not because they have been lied to so much.  As a child, I experienced all of these things and I've done them as well. I would not say that there is a right or wrong answer or way of approaching or dealing with this behavior. I would say it does take patience and determination.  Never giving up not wearing your personal life or feelings on your shoulder even if you don't tell them what's going on they know. They see when you're happy they can also see when you're sad even if you're not expressing in your body language in the way you act one day from the next tells them everything to see things about you that normal people would never see or notice they are very smart given the right tools and support they will go far in life so if I can leave you with one thing today never give up on what you do keep pushing forward and always know that you're touching someone's life I know its hard and there are times when nothing seems to go right but at the end of the day you're not only changing that one child but you're changing an entire generation keep up the good work I commend everyone of you for what you do and the positions and jobs you have chosen to take although they might not be high paying jobs they're very rewarding enrich our lives in ways that money never will .