Kids in Foster Care During the Holidays

Dear Friends, 

Christmas is a special time with family and friends for most people. It means great food, gift giving, parties, and seeing family. There are many children sitting in institutions not knowing if they will see family, have a special dinner, or receive a gift. I was one of those children for most of my childhood. I remember looking out the window wondering if I would ever have a family and what it would be like. I wondered how long the pain was going to last. This is the hardest time of year for these kids. Although it does get better, I’m now 39 and it’s still the hardest time.
If you are mentoring, fostering, or advocating for a child in the system I am encouraging you to give them special care during this holiday season.  Just showing up with a meal, a card, a stuffed animal, or a hug lets them know that they matter to someone, that you care. They will be thinking about you on Christmas wishing you the best. Hoping for the best for those that cared about me helped take my mind off the pain I was going through.
I want to thank each and everyone of you who volunteer and advocate for children. I know it takes time away from your family but I wish you really knew the impact that you are leaving on their lives and how grateful they are to have you. 
Merry Christmas everybody,

John Borgstedt
Child Advocate, Author, & Motivational Speaker
(832) 910-7280 

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